What is Staging area why we need it in DWH?

If target and source databases are different and target table volume is high it contains some millions of records in this scenario, if we create staging tables in the target database we can simply do outer join in the to…

Data Modelling..

There are three levels of data modeling. They are conceptual, logical, and physical.

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Logical Data Model

  1. Represents business information and defines business rules
  2. Consists of Entity , Attribute, Primary Keys, etc.
  3. Represents Rule, Relationship, Definition of multiple tables.

Physical Data Model

  1. Represents the physical implementation of the model…

Fact and Dimensions..

What is Fact Table?

A Fact table in a data warehousing data model consists of one or more numeric facts of importance for a business .Facts must be consistent with the granularity.
1. Number of service call received.
2. Amount of sales collection.
3. …

Data warehouse Schemas and it’s type..

What is Schema?

Graphical representation of the data structures . It is the first phase of the implementation cycle.

What is a star schema?

Star schema is a data warehouse schema where there is only one “fact table” and many de-normalized dimension tables.


Data warehouse is a collection of data from multiple systems into one single platform with common data formats which supports strategic decision making for business at enterprise level.

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It comprises of few important properties:

Subject Oriented:
Data that gives information about a particular subject instead of about a company’s ongoing operations…

Let’s learn step-by-step approach to handle DDL changes of already existing HVR channel table.

HVR Provides Adapt DDL option to handle table DDL changes on the fly automatically. But, this option is risky and one should not use in channel definition.

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Here are reason why Adapt DDL option is not…

Here are few smart tips to handle performance of your HVR channel.

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  1. Coalescing Reduces the number of updates & increases performance. select /Burst Option for integration.
  2. Check /NoBeforeUpdate for capture as this has no effect to target and reduces processing to HVR jobs.
  3. Select DIRECT reads option for capture reads transactions logs directly . Better performance, non-intrusive, most efficient
  4. Select Integrate /Resilient…

I am using HVR for a while now and I do see a lot of potential of HVR tool in data replication business segment. I have used other replication tools but the interesting part about HVR is it is actually a very simple and easy to use tool.

It has…

A One Stop Solution for most of your Snowflake Usage and Security Problems.

Snowflake Account Usage views are great when it comes to understand overall usage of snowflake account and to create advance usage analytics dashboards to address the right usage of this savage platform in a right way. …

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Source: God Google :)

Head Quarters : San Francisco| Founded : 2012|Tech : Change Data Capture

An amazing solution to replicate data across system in real time.

A Log based CDC tool with its unique ways to handle SCD and Transactional changes of source system to target with super low impact to both source…

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